Planeta de 6

Created by: Nacho Palacios and Héctor Palma

Written by: Nacho Palacios

Produced by: Televen and Hermanaxos Producciones

TV Channel: Televen

Genre: Sitcom

Isaac’s Rol: Gastón (Kike’s bestfriend)

Year: 2001-2002

The very first sitcom to be created and produced in Latin America for a Latin-American audience. Isaac was fortunate enough to be part of this project, thanks to the friends (almost family) he had made during his time in SkenaTE. He started as co-host of the show, meaning, he and Juan Carlos Ogando kept the crowd lively and ready to laugh when the show was in between shooting scenes. The sitcom only lasted two seasons, but it was a marvellous experience.