423670_2395397224120_1225712753_nIsaac is a Venezuelan Canadian performing artist that has dedicated most of his career to the study of comedy, circus, improv and clown. This last one is his biggest passion. In clown, he finds endless possibilities for drama and comedy, Isaac believes that true clowns, those that take years to tame and share their humanity, really are the best actors in the world.

Isaac is a man of simple pleasures who is determined to make the world a better place. He comes from a huge latin-american family, one of his great grandfathers had 23 kids, he considers his family the most precious gift in his life. He loves the outdoors, the mountains and the beach. He is an active capoeira player and rock climber. He’s addicted to plantains and avocados and hates eating any kind of animal guts :/

He can’t help but cry every time he sees this Celebrate Humanity. And can’t help but laughs when he sees this Kid kicking a ball or this Red Panda.

These days you can catch Isaac performing at the Foolish Cabaret or at Shine Cabaret. He’s currently enrolled in the Conservatory and Longform programs at the Second City Toronto, so you might be able to catch him improvising at the John Candy Box or at Comedy Bar.

When he is not performing he is usually in the studio, with Guayoyo Creative Collective writing, working on his feet or organizing some great event. He is also prepearing for the re-run for EXIT his first solo show.


Isaac Luy is an actor originally from Caracas, Venezuela. He started performing when he was 14 years old with “Grupo Teatral Skena”, a theatre company with more than 35 years of history in Venezuela. Back home he performed in theatre, radio and television, on over 15 different productions.


As a clown he has trained with some of the most amazing teachers in the world. In France he trained with the late Carlo Colombaioni; in Spain he worked with Jango Edwards and The Rebel Clown Army; in Montreal with Francine Côté, James Keylon and in Toronto with Sue Morrison.

Since 2010 he has been actively involved in the clown scene in Toronto, perfoming several occasions in all the mayor venues: “Red Nose District”, “Lunacy Cabaret”, “Toronto Festival of Clowns”, “The Foolish Cabaret” and “Casa Loma: Carnivale”.

His passion for the figure of the clown has lead him to dedicate full time to the study and exploration of the art form, in the hopes of one day becoming a clown teacher too.

Artist Statement

EXIT Green Room

Any new work I do as a clown artist is immersed in humanity; I always try to show the good and the bad in all of us. To me the clown is not just a collection of tricks, gags and funny jokes, the clown can use all of these tools but they do not limit him. My aim is to remind people of the simplicity and the complexity of our human emotions. It is said that once you truly know the monsters inside you, you no longer serve them, but they now serve you. Showing the audience my vulnerable humanity it is my intention to remind them of their own and in those moments open the possibility for love. My clown teacher and mentor, Sue Morrison, once said to me: “In laughter we forget ourselves and in crying we remember ourselves” In my work as a clown I aim at making you forget and remember yourself, always. We are all beautiful and ugly, lovely and despicable, wise and foolish… and this apparent contradiction is what makes us just perfect. In my creative process I deal with my own emotions, trying to, in a conscious manner, learn how they move me from on place to another and allow me to affect and be affected by the observer(s), thus taking the audience and myself on a true journey. I will always consider myself a clown apprentice as I try to dive into the infinite pool of human emotions and come back to the surface with the most (ultimately) beautiful gems of what it means to be a human-being.